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                 ATELECAD Version 2.1, sept 17, 2001


ATELECAD is a set of multi-purpose tools to help in Electronic design  ,

that should be used with :

       ==> with  LINUX on PC PENTIUM family

It should need UNIX and the X Window graphical interface ( + Open Motif ...) .

It provides :

   => Schematic Capture of Electronic Design

   => Analog Simulation

   => Logic  Simulation

This version is a property of ATELECAD , copyright , contact the AUTHOR to know in which conditions  it is distributed  .


the Tools that take part of this distribution are :


   => Schematic Capture of Electronic Design


       => Symbol Editing    :                                         tsed

          ( see "man tsed" for more explanations)


       => Sheet  Editing    :                                          tned

          ( see "man tned" for more explanations) 


       => Expand Editor     :                                          texp

          ( see "man texp" for more explanations)


       => Logic Simulation  :                                          tsim

          ( see "man tsim" for more explanations)


       => tutorial          :                                              ta

          ( just type "ta" )


       => Analog Simulation  :                                       spice

            ATELECAD  SPICE3F5 improved version

                  ( see "man spice" for more explanations)


          ( see "man spice" for more explanations)


       => simple "Perl TK" interface                                 xatel


   AUTHOR(s)  :

tsed , tned , texp , tsim :

written by  Jean-Claude PERRAUD (France).



partly written by  Jean-Claude PERRAUD .

      ( the core , mainly come from the spice help )


Spice  : is mainly an Electronic circuit simulator

(from Berkeley....)

        SPICE3:  Tom Quarles (

        nutmeg / User interface: Wayne Christopher


        ATELECAD improvement : Jean-Claude PERRAUD

         A lot of improvements , new models, subckt parameters, 2 dimensions Analysis, TCLTK menus , Schematic driven plotting , printing  ... ETC ...

      use   "ta"   or  "spicehelp"     for more info .

xatel :  is an very basic interactive "Perl TK" interface that helps schematic capture and analog simulation . You have just to type "xatel" and and you are driven on how to use it .

    written by  Jean-Claude PERRAUD



note : the more recent TK scripts  are now written in "TCLTK" Language ( see : tned , spice ...) because it seems that all CAD Leaders are going to consider it, as a standard , and because it works very well ... .

             (to symplify libraries porting ... etc)


INSTALL : see the file Atelecad_Free_README_Introduction.txt

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Jean-Claude Perraud